Besides writing books and magazine articles, Bruce Scivally has produced, directed, written and edited many DVD Special Edition documentaries for Cloverland, a video production company owned by John Cork. Bruce also worked on the 2001 Academy Awards telecast, wrote an episode of A&E's Biography series, and was a researcher on the PBS special The Great American Songbook.


Dracula FAQ (Hal Leonard Publishing, 2015)
Everything you ever wanted to know about the vampire king, from the historic Vlad III (a/k/a the Impaler) to Bram Stoker's classic novel to movies, television, stage shows, music and more. From Bela Lugosi to Christopher Lee to Frank Langella to Luke Evans, all the Draculas are here, as well as the vampires of Dark Shadows, True Blood, The Vampire Chronicles and Twilight.

Booze, Bullets & Broads (Henry Gray, 2013)
A look back at Matt Helm, the second-coolest superspy of the 1960s. Produced by Irving Allen (the former partner of 007 producer Cubby Broccoli) and starring crooner Dean Martin, the Helm series was both a reaction to and a reflection of the 007 films. Available only in Kindle format from Amazon.com.

Billion Dollar Batman (Henry Gray, 2011)
A comprehensive history of Batman from his creation in the comic books to the serials, radio, television and film adaptations.

Superman On Film, Television, Radio and Broadway (McFarland, 2007)
A history of Superman from his creation in 1938 through all the movie, radio, Broadway and TV incarnations.

James Bond: The Legacy (Abrams, 2002)
Author, with John Cork
A cultural history of the James Bond films, exploring how the films were shaped by events in history, and how the films impacted pop culture and the movie business.

The Special Effects & Stunts Guide (Lone Eagle, 1989)
Editor, with Tassilo Baur
A directory of special effects and stunt professionals and their credits.


"Superman's Friend, Jim Hambrick" (Filmfax, August 2006, p. 116-123)
A memoir of Kirk Alyn, who played Superman in the serials in the 1940s, and his friendship with Jim Hambrick, curator of the Super Museum in Metropolis, Illinois.

"Do Be Careful With It, 007" (Esquire British Edition, December 2002, pgs. 178-181)
A history of the gadgets of the James Bond films.

"The Men Who Would Be Bond" (High Life - British Airways, November 2002, pgs. 40-42)
An article about real-life spies who tried to lead the 007 lifestyle, including John Walker Jr., Aldrich Ames and Robert Hansson.

"Reeling Through the Years" (Variety, November 11-17, 2002, pg. A15)
A thumbnail history of the highlights of the James Bond films.

"Recurring Players" (Variety, November 11-17, 2002, pg. A16)
A look at the recurring characters in the 007 films.

1995-1999 GOLDENEYE Magazine - Assistant Editor
Edited, proofread and wrote articles for this James Bond publication, which had a seven issue run.


Welcome to Unity (2015) consultant

You Belong To Me: Sex, Race and Murder in the South (2014) researcher

Murnau, Borzage and Fox (2008) researcher

Alfred Hitchcock: The Ultimate Spymaster (2008) field producer
Dreaming with Scissors: Hitchcock, Surrealism & Salvador Dali (2008) field producer
Hitchcock 101 (2008) field producer
Rhonda Fleming: A Cinderella Story (2008) field producer
The Gothic World of Daphne du Maurier (2008) field producer
The Making of 'Rebecca' (2008) field producer
The Sound of Silence: The Making of 'The Lodger' (2008) field producer
The Ultimate Romance: The Making of 'Notorious' (2008) field producer
Funny Man/Funny Girl (2008) producer, writer
Hello Again: The Remaking of Alice Faye (2008) producer
Hollywood Cavalcade: The Silent Dream (2008) producer, writer
Radio Waves: The Real History of the American Broadcast (2008) producer, writer
The Real Four Jills (2008) producer, writer
The Secret of Sarah Siddons (2008) producer, writer
Thank You, P.G.: The Life of P.G. Wodehouse (2007) producer
The World of Wodehouse (2007) producer

The Fallen Vampire (2007) researcher
Locked in the Tower: The Men Behind 'Jane Eyre' (2007) producer
Inside 'Royal Flash' (2007) producer
Inside S*P*Y*S (2007) producer
Meet Harry Flashman (2007) producer
A.E. Hotchner & Paul Newman: A Legacy of Charity (2007) producer, editor
Papa's Last Days (2007) producer, editor
Racing with Fate: John Garfield Under My Skin (2007) producer
Remembering Ernest: A.E. Hotchner's Adventures with Hemingway (2007) producer
The Snows of Zanuck: The Making of 'Kilimanjaro' (2007) producer
The Old Men and the Bulls: The Making of 'The Sun Also Rises' (2007) producer
A Woman Like No Other: The Real Lillian Russell (2007) producer
Remembering Ernest: A.E. Hotchner's Adventures With Hemingway (2007) producer
The Extra Prince: Michael Romanoff (2007) producer, writer, editor
The Rise of Doris Day (2007) producer
Doris Day's Best Friends (2007) producer
The Music Man: Mort Garson (2007) producer
Doris Day Vs. Marilyn Monroe (2007) producer
The Amazing Road to Move Over, Darling (2007) producer
A Conversation With Polly Bergen (2007) producer
The Caprice Look: A Conversation With Costume Designer Ray Aghayan (2007) producer, director, writer
Double O Doris (2007) producer
Doris & Marty (2007) producer
Alice Faye: A Life On Screen (2006) producer
Alice Faye: A Life Off Screen (2006) producer
Journey To A Star: Busby Berkeley (2006) producer, writer, editor
Mr. Moto Meets Mr. Chan (2006) producer, director, writer, editor
Meet Mr. Moto (2006) producer, writer
Mr. Moto Is Missing (2006) producer, writer
Mr. Moto's Creator: The Late John P. Marquand (2006) producer
John Fowles: The Literary Magus (2006) producer
Music of the Master: John Barry (2006) producer
Peeping on Film Noir (2006) producer
A Conversation With Peter Hyams (2006) producer
Charlie Chan's Lucky Director: H. Bruce Humberstone (2006) producer, director, writer
Charlie Chan at the Movies (2006) producer, director, writer
Charlie Chan's Number One Son: Keye Luke (2006) producer, director, writer
Layne Tom, Jr.: The Adventures of Charlie Chan, Jr. (2006) producer, director, writer
The Dean of Hollywood: Harvey Parry (2006) producer
Directed by Norman Foster (2006) producer
In Search of Charlie Chan (2006) producer
The Legacy of Charlie Chan (2006) producer
The Mysterious Mr. Lorre (2006) producer
The Real Charlie Chan (2006) producer
Sol Wurtzel: The Forgotten Mogul (2006) producer
007 in Egypt (2006) producer
Anatomy of a Stunt: Tank Vs. Perrier (2006) producer
Bond In Cortina (2006) producer
Bond In Greece (2006) producer
Creating An Icon (2006) producer
Derek Meddings: Making It Small in Pictures (2006) producer
Directing Bond: The Martin Chronicles (2006) producer
Driven to Bond: Remy Julienne (2006) producer
George Lazenby: In His Own Words (2006) producer
Ground Check With Corkey Fornof (2006) producer
Guy Hamilton: The Director Speaks (2006) producer
The Hong Kong Press Conference (2006) producer
Ian Fleming & Raymond Chandler (2006) producer
Ken Adam's Production Films: Moonraker (2006) producer
Ken Adam's Production Films: The Spy Who Loved Me (2006) producer
Ken Adam's Production Films: Thunderball (2006) producer
Ken Adam's Production Films: You Only Live Twice (2006) producer
Location Scouting With Peter Lamont: Die Another Day (2006) producer
Location Scouting With Peter Lamont: GoldenEye (2006) producer
Location Scouting With Peter Lamont: Licence To Kill (2006) producer
Location Scouting With Peter Lamont: Octopussy (2006) producer
On the Set With John Glen (2006) producer
On Tour With the Aston Martin DB5 (2006) producer
Premiere Bond: Opening Nights (2006) producer
The Return of Bond: The Start of Production Press Event (2006) producer
Roger Moore: My Word Is My Bond (2006) producer
Timothy Dalton: On Acting (2006) producer
The Great Escape (2004) writer of trivia track
Inside The Party (2004) associate producer
The Party Revolution (2004) associate producer
The One, The Only, The Real Tarzan (2004) archive researcher
Richard Attenborough: A Director Remembers (2004) producer
A Distant Battle: Memories of Operation Market Garden (2004) producer
A Bridge Too Far (2004) writer of trivia track
The Pink Panther (2004) writer of trivia track
Scene-It James Bond 007 Edition (2004) writer of questions and trivia, with John Cork
Spider-Man 2 (2004) writer of trivia track, with John Cork
Behind the Feline: The Cartoon Phenomenon (2003) producer
Biography: James Brolin (A&E) (2003) writer, with Steven Smith
Legally Blonde 2 (2003) writer of trivia track
CBS 75th Anniversary Special (CBS/Skyfire Productions) (2003) footage research
The Great American Songbook (PBS/Skyfire Production) (2003) footage research
The Pink Panthe Story (2003) producer
Inside Bandits (2001) producer
Scene 71 Filmmakers Workshop (2003) producer
Die Another Day (2002) writer of trivia track, with John Cork
Actor's Notebook: Christopher Lee (2002) associate producer
A Man Called Jones: The Real Virgil Hilts (2002) producer
The Hair That Ate Hollywood (2001) producer
Inside Legally Blonde (2001) producer
Legally Blonde (2001) writer of trivia track
73rd Annual Academy Awards, The (2001) production coordinator
The Bond Sound: The Music of James Bond (2000) producer, writer
Cubby Broccoli: The Man Behind Bond (2000) producer
Designing Bond: Ken Adam (2000) producer, writer
Designing Bond: Peter Lamont (2000) producer, writer
Double-O Stunts (2000) producer, writer
Harry Saltzman: Showman (2000) producer, writer
Ian Fleming: 007's Creator (2000) producer
Inside A View To A Kill (2000) producer, writer
Inside Diamonds Are Forever (2000) producer, writer
Inside Dr. No (2000) producer
Inside For Your Eyes Only (2000) producer
Inside From Russia With Love (2000) producer
Inside Moonraker (2000) producer
Inside Octopussy (2000) producer, writer
Inside On Her Majesty's Secret Service (2000) producer, writer
Inside Q's Laboratory (2000) producer, writer
Inside The Living Daylights (2000) producer, writer
Inside The Man With the Golden Gun (2000) producer, writer
Inside The Spy Who Loved Me (2000) producer
Inside You Only Live Twice (2000) producer
Men Behind the Mayhem: The Special Effects of James Bond (2000) producer, writer
Silhouettes: The James Bond Titles (2000) producer, writer
Best of the Best 4: Without Warning (1999) special effects assistant
Inside Licence To Kill (1999) producer
Inside Live and Let Die (1999) producer
Terence Young: Bond Vivant (1999) producer, writer
Lord Protector: The Dark Mist (1996) special effects assistant
The Making of Goldfinger (1995) assistant director
The Goldfinger Phenomenon (1995) assistant director
The Making of Thunderball (1995) assistant director
The Thunderball Phenomenon (1995) assistant director
Prince "Batdance" music video (1989) special effects assistant
Invisible Kid, The (1988) special effects assistant
Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 (1987) special effects assistant
Armed Response (1986) special effects assistant
Kindred, The (1986) special effects assistant
Witchboard (1985) special effects assistant